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Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv

Even a painting, which seems to be deprived of any feeling, appears to have Zen qualities. It appears to have a meditative personality which takes a break from the everyday routine. These are painterly surfaces which succeed in achieving the impossible: to extract the sap of life from nowhere. Floating letters, graphic signs or alignments of would-be printed signs, sometimes appear in these paintings. They seem detached from their "origins", they float in an alien space, separated from their maternal spaceship. They look skinned and therefore their inner essence is revealed to everybody, as a metaphor of the general visual move, which "peels off" every piece of flesh from the painting and leaves us with the forcefulness of its construction, with the power of its bony structure.

The brushstrokes sometimes look like a gesture, like an intention of a stroke more than an articulated, imprinted, indisputable trail. ...

Dr. Ketzia Alon